Corporate Clients.

Counseling on the choice of legal form of an organization.
The issue of choosing right legal form for your organization is the fundament for the best operation of your business. Our specialists will help you to choose the right legal form for your business. They will provide detailed analysis on each of legal forms of an organization for you to choose the best option for your business.

Preparation of necessary documents and implementation of other necessary actions for the establishment of the organization.
If you are already specified on the legal form of an organization, then our specialists are here to help prepare all the necessary documentation an take all the actions for registration of the company.

Obtaining licenses or other permissions.
If the activity in which the organization shall be engaged, demands license or special permissions, then “Lexpro” team members on behalf of the company will undertake all the necessary actions for obtaining all the permissions and licenses for your business.

Provision of legal counseling.
During the activity of your organization, of course, you will face a bunch of legal issues on which you will need professional advice. You are free to contact our specialists to get detailed analysis on the arisen issues.

Preparation of different kinds of legal documents.
During its activity Your organization will enter into different types of legal relations for which necessity of legal base (documentation) is needed. Our team shall provide your organization with all the necessary legal documentation keeping the operation fo your business free from legal risks.

Representation in courts, state bodies and in private relations.
Text: In case of emerging into a legal dispute “Lexpro” law firm’s attorneys and lawyers will represent the interests of your company in front of the state bodies and any instance courts. Participation of a lawyer in a specific case may help you to get benefits, as well as not to let your business to undergo extra financial risks.

Debt collecting services.
If your company often engages in relations with the clients, which often breach their contractual obligations, or refuse to pay their debts, this service is what you need. This service will help you to save human and time resources for your company, as well as financial resources.

Representation in administrative cases.
During the operation of any business, there is always a risk of getting “caught” by the state administrative bodies, which include, antitrust competition commission, tax and customs authorities, municipalities, etc.. First of all, our specialists will make all the operation parts of your business maximum free from the risks of getting charged by the administrative bodies, second, if there is a motion, our specialists will help you solve the issue with the best beneficial way for your company. The best time to prevent the risks of being penalized is from the very beginning of the procedure.

Representation in criminal cases.
In case your company acts in a field, which often gets into criminal harassment by the offenders (theft, fraud, embezzlement, etc.), then our specialists in criminal field are there to represent the interests of your company in the criminal proceedings. The leading officers of your company may as well get in criminal charge. According to new project of Criminal Code of RA, it is envisaged to set criminal liability for the companies as well. Our specialists will accompany your company and employees in all the stages of criminal proceedings.